Perkins Powerd Diesel Generators


10KVA -1600 KVA perkins Engine Generators

Ecoplus Technologies Ltd also distribute full family of Perkins Power series  from Ilken Energy UK manufactured in UK  with  power capacity range from  10KVA to 1600KVA ,all are assembled with synchronous alternator and control system which make our diesel gensets the ideal solution for prime and standby power supply of any facility.

Perkins engines are compact, efficient power, quality by design, and cost effective power with low noise and low fuel consumption. Our generators whether powered by naturally aspirated or turbo charged engines provide economic and durable operation offering the ideal characteristics for electrical power generation.

The mechanical design of Perkins Engines ensure that a Perkins engine is the most compact, space-efficient engine in its class whilst offering the high levels of customization the customers have come to expect.Perkins powered by diesel gensets has earned a reputation for ease of service along with low costs of maintenance and repair. The rugged and simple design makes local repair easy.

Perkins is a truly global manufacturing company, with plants in the different countries. From these plants Ecoplus is able to supply the right engines to the right customers at the right time